Thank you for your understanding at this time. If you found yourself here you likely have read this month’s email (if you didn’t I encourage you to go and read it). I will always and forever come from the heart and follow through with my promises. I intend to fulfill everything I owe you. Please fill out with as much detail as you’d like to share the form below.

BOXES WILL BE FULFILLED BY ORDER OF YOUR MEMBER NUMBER. Meaning if you were the first to sign up then you are the first to be completed and sent off. My plan at this time is to complete 3 malas a month at a minimum. That is all I can financially afford at this time. I appreciate your understanding - if you do not want to wait on your mala for your other items (crystal and candle) please email or text SEPARATELY from your form to claim and they’ll be sent out ASAP as they are ready to go.

Name *
What do you hope to see? What intentions do you have for yourself this year or at this phase in your life? What crystals are your favorite? Styles you prefer?
Would you like a tassel?
How many beads would you prefer?
Do you want your mala to be sent along with your candle and crystal OR do you want your candle and crystal sent NOW and your mala once it's completed?