Gather Connected

Thank you for finding your way to this space, I understand that you still may be far from making a decision on joining us but I’m still happy you took the time to come and checkout what we are all about. The Connection is a group that evolved out of another. After 2 years of experience, lessons learned and a lot of tears, trials, heartfelt moments, smiles and accomplishments I decided to close a group I thought I never would, formerly the #3LTRIBE. From that space I knew it wasn’t the group that I wanted to let go of but the personal and spiritual responsibilities and promises I had outgrown. I’ve long learned that we don’t do our best work when we are in a place where we feel as if we are constantly compromising. The Connection is an evolved group that focuses on the concept that when we come together we can be better. Each month channeled guidance is given in the form of Tarot readings and intuitive sessions, all of which are hosted on our private access membership page. We also hold space each week in Live meetings held every Sunday night where meditations are hosted, classes are taught, and more importantly space is held. A lot of people admit that the biggest thing missing from having a spiritual practice or one that feels more personal is connection, which is usually followed with accountability. The Connection offers both! Join us and you’ll see!


What does a membership include exactly?

The Connection is a first come first serve intimate group of only 108 meaning once we reach capacity open membership will NOT be available and you’ll instead be taken to a page to join our waiting list. We do offer 3 yearly scholarship memberships too which give us a total number of 111 in our group. At this time however all scholarship positions are filled.

The Connection is a group that combines various different learning styles so that our members can receive everything they need in one space to have their best life while achieving a heightened spiritual practice. While we can’t make any promises we have seen many members experience a more balanced life, development of deeper and more meaningful friendships, while also achieving more of a sense of purpose infused through their activities and connections.

Each month members are billed at the 7th to reduce the anxiety of another ‘bill’ due on the first. It is important to us that you want to be here and that by you being here you are not burdened on any front in your personal life. We have a no-questions asked grace period of 1 week to pay overdue memberships before you’ll be canceled should a disruption ever occur in your billing.

Members receive the following each month:

  • access to our private membership page which houses all our monthly content. Monthly content changes on the 1st of each month by 12pm Eastern Time. Monthly content includes:

    - 30-40min energy forecast video message

    - astrological insight from our in house Astrologer, Shannon Hugman

    - oraclescopes which are our fun little twist on horoscopes (5-8min audio messages)

    - new & full moon insights

  • access to attend Live Connection sessions held every Sunday night at 8:15pm Eastern Time. Connection sessions are an opportunity for members to come together - we hold meditations, tutorials on spiritual craft projects or at home rituals, classes, A Course in Miracles work and much more! If you can’t make it Live sessions are recorded and set out via email the next day for members to watch at their leisure.

  • weekly email guidance/try this activity sent out Monday morning (also contains the replay).

  • access for booking private one-on-one sessions with Devin Strickler.

  • 15% off standing discount to Love, Light & Legacy shop and discounted rates on services.

This Group isn’t for everyone…

We can’t be everything for everyone so if you don’t like the tea I’m sipping that doesn’t mean you don’t like tea at all it just means you don’t like the flavor I find satisfying. With that said I find that much of what our lives truly need (besides for a very basic ability to understand everyone) is time. We need to grow and growth takes energy, time, space, and often a few other miscellaneous things in order for it to be worth while. If your curiosity is peeked I encourage you to sign up - try us out, you can cancel anytime. And if it’s not for whatever reason or perhaps it’s just not financially capable right now - think on the reasons why. Often times we self-punish instead of self-fulfill and the result of that is never beautiful.