We are ALWAYS looking for people and businesses to collaborate with for the Connection :)

If you are interested in donating an item to a seasonal box, offering a discount or standing discount to members, joining us for a month to be a guest teacher - or anything else you can think of then please fill out the form below and tell us your great ideas! Please allow up to 5 business days for a response - we will always get back to everyone even if we don’t think you are a great fit for us at this time.

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If there is more than one, pick your most important but tell us in the message box below what else you're interested in too :) sometimes we can support more than one opportunity.

Check out who we’ve been collaborating with :) and who knows you just might end up seeing your face or shop featured below!


Earthly Roots

We are so excited to actively be collaborating with Sarah of Earthly Roots for the creation of our Welcome Box malas. Sarah hand-makes each mala especially created for the Connection group. Sarah is such an absolute sweet soul to work with and her pieces are infused with such magic and love.


Shannon Hugman

Our Astrology extraordinaire! Shannon has been a with us for a long time as our astro. insight having been our guide in a prior group known as the #3LTRIBE. Shannon has an amazing ability to not only inform but soften her client’s heart. We recommend ANY of Shannon’s services and definitely implore you to checkout her monthly content given on the membership page.