What is Connection exactly?

A private online community that operates via it’s own website through a password protected membership page were are monthly content is updated and shared and a private optional Facebook group for members to keep the connection going. Connection is an opportunity to gather and connect with other like-minded individuals to discuss, share and grow on a zen and spiritual level. We do not preach or practice a specific religion or faith-base but instead share what works for us while also giving intuitive guidance and practicing activities centered around mindfulness.

Is there a trial period?

Because our group is limited to 108 members + 3 scholarships we are not allowing trial periods. Memberships are month-to-month meaning you can cancel anytime, you have zero commitment to us - we simply don’t have the space to allow for trial period positions when there could potentially be individuals ready to join now. Once we hit our membership quota memberships close and a wait list is started. If/as members leave we will begin to work down the waiting list offering positions as they become available.

$50 a month? Sh*t.

Your telling me. This wasn’t a number I was comfortable with for a long time but I realized one of my biggest lessons is learning to ask for what I’m worth and though my style and intuitive insights may not be everyone’s cup of tea when I calculate up the amount of time + services provided (as far as monthly content goes) the retail value of this group is over $200 a month. There was NO WAY I would charge that much for an online group and so after much consideration and discussion with Spirit I settled on a number that if people really wanted to be here - they pay, and ultimately a number that not only financially supports the group and all the extras I enjoy doing, but also compensates me for my own time and energy spent. $50 a month breaks down to $12.50 a week which breaks down to $1.67 cents a day (approximately if it’s 30 day month).

How do I get content?

There are 3 methods for which members receive content:

  • through access to our membership page each month, this is where all the typical monthly content is hosted - energy forecast, astrology insight, moon lessons and more. Members are given access to the page upon signing up with a unique password for them.

  • through weekly (Live) Connection meetings which are hosted every Sunday night at 8:15pm Eastern Time with a replay emailed the following day for members to view at their leisure or re-listen. Connection meetings vary each week as far as content - meditation, circles, DIY, classes, open discussion, Course in Miracles work, guest teacher, etc.

  • through weekly Monday morning emails, typically sent out by 10am Eastern Time. The Monday emails contain the Sunday night replay as well as an activity to try during the week and a more intimate energy forecast for the following 7 days.

When are we billed and what if I can’t make the payment?

Members are billed on the 7th of each month - we understand that our membership is not the cost of a gallon of milk and therefore it may need to be budgeted for accordingly. We didn’t want to add any unnecessary stress so moving the billing date from the 1st to the 7th would hopefully allow members with bills due on the 1st or around that time to pay all their necessary or household bills first. Every member is given a 7 day grace period, no questions asked if payment declines on the 7th. We understand that things happen however so if membership can still not be paid on or after the 14th of each month we simply ask that you keep an open communication by either calling or emailing Devin. No one will ever be or get in trouble for life happening and if a member truly wishes to stay but financial responsibilities are demanding their abundance for a time we can work something out.

What if I cancel during a month? Can I get a refund?

Sadly no. Because our content is digital we do not support or offer refunds on memberships unless you’ve been charged for a membership AFTER already submitting a cancelation request. This rarely happens but emails can get lost in cyber space. If your ever charged for a membership but you previously sent in a cancelation request BEFORE the 28th of the month (you run the risk if you wait until the final days/hours to cancel) you will be refunded in full for the membership fee you didn’t desire.

Is there really a Welcome Box?

Yes! All members are eligible to receive a Welcome Box after their 2nd month of membership processes (meaning you’ve paid for your 2nd month) that begins the process of making on our end as each box contains handmade items, including a hand written note from me to you. Boxes ship depending on demand (how many other members also hit eligibility) between the start of your 3rd month until the end of your 4th month. Welcome Boxes are free for members and no shipping rates will be charged - including our International members :) it’s our gift to you for being with us. Welcome Boxes have a retail/resale value of $70+.

& there’s a Seasonal Box?

Yes! I’m a gift giver at heart and I love receiving happy mail, especially surprise happy mail! Members will receive 4 boxes a during the calendar year - one for each season. October (Fall Box), January (Winter Box), April (Spring Box) and July (Summer Box). You are eligible to receive a box if you were a member in the prior month - this is because we typically purchase the box contents 1 to 2 months prior to when they would actually be packed and shipped. So if you were a member in June for instance then you would able to opt-in for the July box. If however you sign up in July then you wouldn’t receive a box until October when the next season turns over. Boxes are different each time and contain hand picked items to compliment the group and persons in it. Boxes have a retail or resale value of $20 or more and shipping is also handled so no additional charges are given or expected. Seasonal boxes are OPTIONAL so members will be able to opt in or out, this allows us to reduce waste.

Have more question? Email us at: connection@lovelightandlegacy.us