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save 15% anytime you shop with love, light & legacy

Simply use discount code CONNECT at checkout through or through our Etsy (, offer not valid on already on sale items, Facebook sales/posts or for memberships/subscription services.

Save 15% with The Space Between Tarot!

Fellow Connection member Carol Thelen and former Club co-host of the 3LTribe’s Tarot Club is offering a standing 15% off discount to all Connections members for purchases made through her website - simply click, shop, and checkout with the discount code CONNECT to save. Carol creates one-of-a-kind malas with most of her work being custom. She also performs remote Tarot readings done via audio recording or PDF attachment. Carol’s services for readings feature a variety of options allowing the seeker not only choices based on need but also based on budget.

Like Soap? Like Crystals? Have both!

Save every time you need to ‘suds up’ by using discount code GIMMESOAP at checkout for any purchase (not applicable on sales items) with Crystal Bar Soap! I’ve been a long time lover and user of Kat’s soaps, so much so that the entire family now has adopted Crystal Bar as their soap of choice. Our eldest Tyler loves the Heart Chakra soap the best, husband Jordan loves his Taurus soap and I honestly couldn’t pick one that was top of the top but if I had to name a few I love: the Aries soap, Peace Bridge, Barefoot Bliss and Cosmic Goal! I love the mini sizes personally because it last just long enough to enjoy but is gone fast enough to be excited over picking a new soap bar to try. Shop now at!